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Happy Friday friends! So last week this thing called “real life” got in the way of me getting up my Follow Friday post. Doh! I did pull off a fabulous baby shower for my sister-in-law and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you already got to see a sneak peek.

Today I am sharing another one of our SITS Sisters, Marcy from Day2Day SuperMom! Marcy is a mom of 5+a set of twins! Whew! Megan has a set a twins too and I am amazed at how she keeps it all together.  These women need a Supermom medal.


Marcy blogs just about everything! One of my favorite things is her series on De-cluttering her home. Seriously, It’s fabulous. You have to check it out!


Marcy took the 91 day De-Clutter Challenge and documented her progress along the way. She posted before and after pictures and how her journey went. She purged and organized for 13 weeks! It really is inspiring and has me wanting to get my rear in gear and de-clutter! When we bought our new house I swore I wouldn’t let it get cluttered! Ha yeah that went well. A year and half later the hubs is calling me a hoarder again. It is time for spring cleaning, right?

Here are some of the before and after photos Marcy posted! Go check out the rest. I was amazed.

Organizing the pantry organizing the counter organzing the refridgerator

Marcy really is a Supermom and you will love her blog! Go check it out and show her some love.

We love sharing a new blogger each week! Once we finish posting all of our SITS Sisters we will start looking for other bloggers to share! We hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!



  1. OMG! The decluttering looked great! I need to do that soon!

  2. carmical says:

    Great ideas and tips for decluttering. It feels so much better when the house is all organized and clean.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the bloggy love! The post was awesome =) Marcy

  4. Decluttering is something I really need to do. Thanks for sharing this series.

  5. I really need to declutter. I love how organized things look in the after picture. Would she like to come do my house as well! I am horrible about organizing!

  6. We seriously need to declutter here as well!

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